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Tips for Your Photographs

Race Photographer tips

Race Photographer tips

If you are passionate about photography as much you are for the automotive industry or cars in general, being a race photographer must be your dream job. There are many benefits of being professional photographer such as VIP groups, credentials for races and invitations to numerous car shows. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks from professional race photographers so all you need to do is sit back and keep on reading.


Get as close as you can.
Finding the right spot to cover the race or a car show in that matter is absolutely essential for the quality of your photography. However, this is never easy. As many professionals and semi-professionals know having the credentials for a race is the best way to go about it, although many of them admit that they started their careers without one. Attending such events without credentials may give you an idea how hard is it to manage without it so you can appreciate it later on. In some cases, you may even find better spots for covering the event simply because your competition is focusing on the visible spots. This will give you a different angle, and your photographs can get that artistic touch.


Getting started.
It goes without mentioning that one must acquire only the most quality equipment for photo shooting. This involves getting the right lenses, covers, calculating the light, shade, adjustable focus lens, etc. Entering such event without the right equipment can cost you dearly. You time will be wasted, you may miss important moments while preparing the gear and in the end, you be able to sell those pictures to any magazine or sports event channel. Make sure to spend as much time with your equipment as a marine would with his rifle. You should be able to assemble the parts blindfolded basically, which may sound funny but in time you will find it equally important as the quality of equipment that you possess.


Try to be different.
Everyone can take a picture, but what differentiates professional photographers from novice ones is the way they approach the situation. You must provide top quality pictures with thinking outside of the box way of photographing. Sure the lighting matters and the sharpness is crucial but taking the shoot at the right moment is what should be your top priority. Merely seconds can separate mediocre photographs from top quality one. And all it takes is one moment to miss this perfect moment. If you are out of focus or not in the mood to do your job, don’t do it. A professional photographer must be concentrated in every moment, this way there is no chance to miss that golden moment.


In other words being a professional at this requires patience, dedication, keen sight, attention to details, enthusiasm, and let’s not forget luck. You can not affect the last attribute but focusing on the rest will give you the best results and in time help you rise to the top.

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